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Name:Kefka Palazzo
Birthdate:Nov 13

Kefka Palazzo.

The Mad Mage
Ensorcels opponents, confusing them with unpredictable spells.

Depicted as a slender man with blond hair and green eyes, Kefka usually wears outfits composed of reds and yellows with all sorts of mismatched colorful patterns. His costumes always consist of plenty of elaborate ruffles and decorative beads, along with his signature feathers that he wears within his hair. His face and hands are covered in white make-up, but etched around his eyes are detailed patterns painted in red.

Interests (20):

becoming a god, being silly, best villain ever, burning figaro, cutting bitches, espers, ff7 sucked, hates sephiroth, humming fanfare, killing emperors, killing leo, magic, magicite, makeup, mentally scaring terra, poisoning villages, stabbing stuff, the warring triad, weird freaky stuff, weird stuff
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