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Player Information:
Name: Anima
Journal: palamecian
Method of Contact: AIM: drunkpoetry or PM
Previous characters: N/A

Character Information:
Full Name: Kefka Palazzo
Series: Final Fantasy VI
Canon point: Post- Final Fantasy VI
Age: Thirty-six
Species: Human
Appearance/PB: Depicted as a slender man with blond hair and green eyes, Kefka usually wears outfits composed of reds and yellows with all sorts of mismatched colorful patterns. His costumes always consist of plenty of elaborate ruffles and decorative beads, along with his signature feathers that he wears within his hair. His face and hands are covered in white make-up, but etched around his eyes are detailed patterns painted in red. Kefka fits the appearance of a court jester, sometimes replacing those reds and yellows with green and gold instead. He wears mismatched shoes, blue leggings, fancy gems, and mismatched gloves.

Appearance upon arrival: Considering Kefka is arriving after his demise in Dissidia, Kefka isn’t going to look much like his charming sadistic self. In fact, he’s going to look like hell rolled over and sat on him, but eventually Kefka will get his usual colorful attire back.

Previous RP memories: N/A
Bringing someone along?: N/A
Character History:

Much of Kefka’s past is shrouded in mystery, but he was the first experimental Magitek Knight created within the Empire. While the procedure itself is painless, something horribly went wrong during the first stages of this experiment. Without proper testing or knowledge regarding Magitek, Kefka’s mind was shattered and his sanity along with it. Known throughout the Gestahlian Empire as a lunatic who craved for power, Emperor Gestahl eventually made this feared monster his loyal retainer in hopes of using Kefka’s powers to conquer rival kingdoms. Sharing strong ties with Terra Branford as her former master, Kefka legendarily tested the Esperkin’s strength against Gestahl’s own soldiers for his sheer amusement. He controlled the girl through a magical device he constructed using Magitek technology called the “Slave Crown.” While Kefka may have seemed to act on the behalf of the Empire, no one realized that this crazed lunatic would someday turn against the Empire and the world itself.

Kefka’s wickedness knows no bound and throughout the story, he goes out of his way to bring death and destruction. He poisoned the rivers that flowed into Doma, killing everyone within the castle city. The villain acted without a care in the world, that is until the Returners, a resistance group forged to thwart the Empire’s efforts, challenged him. Repeatedly Kefka tasted defeat, but always managed to reap his revenge. However, in his pursuit for destruction, Kefka unravels his true plot to become a god. His thirst for power consumed him, but his lust to extinguish all life sooner corrupts him as well. Plotting to restore the Warring Triad, these sacred statues, using the power of magicite, Kefka’s plan was unveiled within the Magitek Research Facility by the Returners. Defeated by them for the umpteenth time, Emperor Gestahl stepped in with a grand scheme to earn the Returners’ trust in order to find the escaped Espers who fled the Magitek Facility.

Once he learned that the Espers fled to Thamasa, the Emperor freed Kefka and ordered him to lead the siege against Thamasa with the aid of General Leo and his men. After killing all the Espers who hid within the caves near Thamasa, Kefka turn ordered his troops to burn the town to cinders. However, the general steps in to stop the senseless violence by force. It was thought that Leo successfully killed the mage, but the general didn’t kill the real Kefka but merely his illusion. When the real Kefka appears, Leo is killed and the Sealed Gate to the Land of Espers opens. With Emperor Gestahl in tow, Kefka and he cross into the other realm. When the Returners face off with Kefka again, the maniac wields the power of the Warring Triad, otherwise known as the Gods of Magic, against them. He then strikes down the Emperor using their fiendish power, and shifts the Triad out of balance and reduces the entire world into chaos. Now with the Three Warring Gods awoken from their eternal slumber, the Apocalypse came swift once Kefka drained them of their powers.

Kefka made himself the self-proclaimed God of Magic and ruled over the World of Ruins from atop of his enormous tower. With the entire world in fear of Kefka and his godly powers, only the Returners dared to oppose his reign of terror. After several grueling battles, Kefka died and the world was returned to its former glory. All the magic in the world fades away forever after the death of its newly made God, but this was a small price to pay for the eternal peace granted after Kefka’s passing.

While his role in Dissidia differed greatly from his past role in FFVI, Kefka still pursues with his lust for destruction. Hailing from two far off realms, the two gods, Cosmos the Goddess of Harmony and Chaos the God of Discord summoned forth warriors from distant lands to lend their aid in a brutal war. Kefka was summoned by Chaos, while his destined opponent, Terra, was summoned by Cosmos.

During the war, Kefka seems to be detached from the actual conflict brewing between the gods and more interested in luring Terra down the path of chaos. He’s interested in the girl only because of her phenomenal magical strength, an interest that was exhibited in their original canon. It’s because of this that Kefka sought the aid of the Cloud of Darkness, an entity of despair and destruction, to help him unleash Terra’s tremendous powers. On numerous occasions, Kefka goes out of his way to taunt Terra in hopes of shattering her fragile beliefs on friendship and harmony. In a terrible plot with the Cloud of Darkness, Terra becomes enslaved by the entity and is forced to fight against her friends. Eventually this plan goes awry, and Terra overcomes the Cloud of Darkness’ influence.

He also assisted in trying to capture Zidane, much to Kuja’s dismay. The mad mage tried to capture the little monkey using the illusion of a fake crystal, but the fur-ball didn’t take the bait. Instead, Bartz ends up triggering the trap he laid out for Zidane, which leads to Kuja nearly reprimanding Kefka for even trying. The two of them plot together to defeat Zidane and his friends, but they both end up thwarted by the young heroes, and Zidane eventually finds the real crystal by defeating Kuja.

In a last showdown with Terra, Kefka meets with her briefly to try to steer her away from the light only to be disappointed by her lackluster response. Now seeing the girl as a blubbering coward who refuses to fulfill her true potential as a tool of destruction, Kefka vows to destroy her and everyone she holds dear. While the battle was fierce, Kefka lost and faded away into obscurity. Defeated but not deterred, Kefka appears again once Cosmos is killed by Chaos.

As the ten Warriors of Light began to vanish, he states it’s better they never know of the truth behind the crystals for they were the ones who caused Cosmos’ death. Kefka briefly states this shocking truth again once Terra faces him in the Shade Impluse arc. Utterly dismayed by her will to continue carrying forth Cosmos’ wishes, Kefka does a rendition of his famous speech in Final Fantasy VI, asking her why create when it only will be destroyed. Then during his madness, Kefka accidentally destroys himself using the very power he hoped to use to destroy the world.


Known as a raving lunatic with no empathy for human life, all of Kefka’s vile deeds stem from his hatred for the world itself. He’s a man of pettiness, a being who embodies the most depraved and insane thoughts that society frowns upon. Kefka doesn’t even blink at the thought of killing another person, and if anything welcome such thoughts with a smile. His mind was shattered by the Magitek experiments done to him, breaking down any former moral compass he once had. It’s because of this that Kefka is thought of as a very dangerous man who will stop at nothing to fulfill his ludicrous desires. His constant yearning for magicite matches his need to cause mindless destruction. The more power Kefka receives, the more destruction he can cause. This basic line of thinking, leads many to believe that Kefka is a raving sociopath.

Destruction and chaos makes him happy, perhaps filling that emotional void that lingers within him. Kefka is a man who cannot find any meaning to life other than death; he even seems to pay very little regard for mortality in general once he becomes a god. In his opinion, hope, love, and friendship are utterly meaningless. Kefka’s loathing for life perhaps stems from what seems to be the meaninglessness of his own existence. Such a theory has been argued before, but wasn’t until Kefka made his appearance in Dissidia that he showed a hint of remorse for what he is. When Kefka is defeated by Terra during the Shade Impulse arc, Kefka laments that he couldn’t find anything worth cherishing. This is the first time ever that Kefka demonstrates such sadness, and Terra goes on to further state that Kefka tried to mend his broken heart with mindless destruction.

Kefka hates people, but his love for magic is limitless. He craves power; he craves magic more than he craves for air. The mage has an unquenchable love for the magical arts, and goes out of his way to acquire as much magic as possible. His genocide of the Espers proves this notion, since he went out of his way to kill the Espers for their magicite shards. His love for magic is similar to a painter love for the arts. It's his life, hobby, his calling. The Magitek experiments done on Kefka made him crave for such power, and in turn he became the most powerful mage that ever lived. His madness is also caused by craving for power.

The mad mage is a very dramatic fellow, one who performs wild gestures when speaking and overacts constantly over the littlest things. Kefka is like an out of work actor, one who's honestly rehearsing his lines for the sake of being dramatic. One of the reasons why he gets his 'psychotic clown' nickname isn't because of his attire only, but his actions as well. Kefka is the comic relief and the star of the show. When he performs, it's a complete spectacle with all sorts of chaos entwined. This aspect of him almost makes him seem childlike, since Kefka isn't above throwing a royal tantrum if he doesn't get his way.

While there is a growing debate regarding the slightly gray area of Kefka’s villainous personality, the mad mage should definitely be considered a threat. He is a very dangerous man, definitely not the kind of person who likes puppies or kittens. In fact, he’ll probably snap their necks and burn their fur. That is just how devious Kefka Palazzo truly is.

Character Abilities: Kefka’s skills focuses mainly on his magical abilities. While he is arguably the most powerful antagonist in the Final Fantasy series, he wasn’t always so powerful. By absorbing the Espers’ strength through magicite, Kefka eventually learned the ability to create realistic illusions to confuse his foes. Kefka’s magic is demonstrated to be so powerful, that he can easily kill a dozen Espers with one strike.

His Waggle-Wobbly Firaga is a slow killer with a deadly homing feature that makes it very difficult for his opponents to avoid it in Dissidia. Not to mention it packs one heck of a punch once it engulfs its foes in a hail of fire. The same could be said for his Zap-Trap Thundaga, which is very effective to surround and corner his opponents. Kefka’s brand of sorcery possesses an element of fickleness that could easily confuse opponents.

He has several more spells featuring Blizzaga and Thundaga, but Kefka’s most powerful spell is his dreaded Ultima. This spell literally ignores all magical defense and blasts opponents with non-elemental magic so powerful that it can kill a person in one hit. While this recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series changes from game to game, Ultima usually takes the form of a blue or sometimes green sphere that engulfs a person in explosive magic. In its Dissidia reincarnation, this spell takes the form of a blue and purple sphere that is used to break down opponent’s defenses.

Another insanely powerful spell he can perform, is Meteor. With this spell, Kefka can literally summon a quick meteor shower to smite his opponents. This spell is nearly as dangerous as his Ultima spell except for the fact it lacks proper accuracy. This means that his opponents can actually dodge the incoming ‘death from above’, and not have a scratch on them.

His most commonly used spell in Dissidia is the dreaded Trine spell which forms several magical blue triangles around his foes that explode on contact. He can cast this spell in mid air and on the ground with relative ease. The triangles follow the opponents around briefly like a homing missile until they eventually fade. This spell can be terribly inaccurate if Kefka loses sight of his opponents, and he can cast it over great distances.

In addition to his extraordinary magic, Kefka can up the ante by transforming into his ‘God of Magic’ self during combat. While in Final Fantasy IV he was capable of morphing to this form at will for long periods, I plan to limit this ability for just a few seconds similar to how this ability works in Dissidia. While in this form, Kefka becomes a purple-skinned deity with two sets of angelic white wings, and one set of demonic black wings. His magical strength is amplified tenfold for a short period, and his signature attack called Light of Judgment can literally annihilate opponents with a blinding and painful light that strikes down from the heavens. The other variant I will make to constrain this tremendous power is by only letting Kefka be able to reach this god-like form once ever so weeks. I do believe realistically it would train both Kefka’s magic and mind to achieve such a power, so he’ll use it sparingly. If he pushes himself too far, he’s out like a light for weeks. Kefka can also glide for short distances in this form thanks to his wings.

Besides his destructive magic, Kefka is also quite versatile and nimble upon his feet. He can before back flips and quick turns with ease, usually during so while hopping around on one foot. His speed and magic makes up for his shameful lack of physical strength.

Kefka’s unpredictability is his greatest aspect in battle, and it’s what makes him so dangerous. While most people are governed by a moral conscious of some kind, Kefka is not. He is literally fearless in some degree, this in itself being the result of his insanity. He’s a lethal combination of ingenuity and madness, and his imagination is what stems his phenomenal magical abilities.

Here's a link regarding to some of the magic Kefka uses sparringly in FFVI: Final Fantasy VI Spells

Possessions: Lamia’s Flute, a weapon from Dissidia that takes the form of a magical instrument, a tiara(yes, he wears this.) and a pair of silver bangles.
Anything else: Kefka’s power is literally over 9000, but I am willing to drop him down to a 900. Why? Because I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes in regards of just how powerful he truly is. If I played him at his full power, it wouldn’t be fun for others. Kefka is literally the only Final Fantasy villain ever to successfully destroy the world, which says something. Since I, as a roleplayer, isn’t seeking to destroy someone’s game, I’m willing to power him down accordingly.

I’m more than willing to discuss with others in regards of his magical strength. Just give me a heads up!

Action/Communication thread/post sample: [oct 5th].

Log/Prose sample:

The deafening clatter of boulders tumbling down was like music to his ears. The war was waging on, and Chaos minions were on the prowl. Kefka could almost hear the sweet cries of despair as he glided through the chaos. The stormy skies were lit with Cosmos’ resolve, while the earth below was blazing with Chaos’ fury. Gods were finally at war again. A gleeful laugh escaped the psycho clown’s lips as he soared towards his next prey. Unlike the other Warriors of Cosmos, this fellow sported a baboon’s tail. The offending appendage was enough to win Kefka’s scorn as he hurled fireballs at the youth.

On cue, the monkey boy dash away from him with blinding speed while nimbly dodging his spells. “Run, monkey! Run!” Kefka cackled as he gave pursuit. Did this little half-pint brat truly think he could escape him? None of these miserable peons knew how powerful this phantasmal harlequin was. If anything, they merely compared him to the other despots who line this field desperately seeking redemption through battle. However, Kefka didn’t truly care either way. The only thing he cared about was destroying everyone and everything. Unlike some of his unlikely companions, Kefka’s only goal was to extinguish all life, to purge the world from existence and frolic about within its ashes. He cared absolutely nothing about the will of the gods, and thus enjoyed being tossed within the fray because of his unquenchable desires.

Pew, pew, pew!” Kefka muttered as he tried to strike the monkey boy down with his magic. The kid was fast, he’ll give him that, but he was getting a tad agitated now. After firing several magical spheres at the youth, Kefka swooped down beside the boy with a mocking smirk. “Be careful. This is going to hurt!” As soon as he said that, those magical blue and purple spheres began to form around them both. Kefka quickly hurdled out of the way, leaving the boy to face the brunt of his Ultima spell. Expecting to hear the delightful screams of the pubescent monkey, Kefka was more than disappointed once he saw the kid literally leap fifteen feet off the ground like a flying squirrel.

“What!?” He yelled in sheer dismay. “You overgrown fur-ball! I’m going to burn you to cinders!” Giving chase, Kefka soared up into the gloomy sky after the boy. His eyes glowed sinisterly as he summoned forth more of his power. While he couldn’t summon forth all of his powers here in this desolate world of anguish and discord, Kefka knew he could still play his trump card. Letting the power pool within him, the mad mage let out a terrible laugh that nearly boomed as loudly as thunder overhead. However, once he realized he lost his target, Kefka’s laughter ended abruptly.

“Eh?” He paused. “Where did he go---OOF!” The brat stabbed him from behind. Somewhere during the chase, Zidane managed dash towards the side out of Kefka’s line of view. The move was so fast, so sleek, that Kefka honestly missed it in-between his asinine laughing.

“You’ll pay for that!” He screamed as he tumbled out of the sky. Desperately trying to catch his bearings, Kefka managed to keep himself from crashing down to the earth below. “Ugh…” Kefka held his wounded arm in agony, feeling the blood seep in-between his long white fingers.

“Oh, ho, ho, ho.” A deep rumble of a laugh emitted from the clown’s lips as he glared at the boy with a heated gaze. “You shouldn’t have done that~”