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Kefka Palazzo ([personal profile] dancingmad) wrote2010-10-15 01:48 pm

ooc: Permission Post


4th WALL BREAKING: Let's not do that, okay?
THREADJACKING: I allow threadjacks, but only if my character isn't tossed to the wayside or forgotten.
BACK THREADING: All for it! I don't mind back threading stuff.

MIND READING: I'll allow it, but warning! Kefka's mind is damaged and fractured, many of his thoughts are just fragmented memories of his past and present. There's no clear answers here.
LOCATION SENSING: Definitely! Kefka's magical aura is powerful enough for people to sense him. The mad mage doesn't go through lengths to hide it.
TELEPATHY: Great, more voices in his head...ER, SURE! XD
SPECIAL/MAGICAL ITEMS: Depends on the special/magical items you have, brosis. Make sure to contact me about that so we can plot something.

FIGHTING CAPABILITIES: Physically, Kefka slaps like a girl. He doesn't boast much in physical strength, but his magical strength is through the frickin' roof! This man is a very powerful mage/sorcerer, so watch it.
INJURY/DEATH: Kefka is probably going to bite it a few times, so this is expected. However, let's not overboard the Kefka killing, please? I'm guessing he'll be dying about two or three times here, depending. As for injuring him, please speak to me about it first before doing so!
WIN/LOSE/TIE: Kefka's specialty is magic, so he'll probably cream anyone who's using brute force. However, he isn't the strongest man physically so...I expect a few lost matches here and there, but a ties sometimes.
MEDICAL/PHYSICAL INFO: There is no canon to support this, but I personally think Kefka's bloodtype is A. Physical appearance wise, Kefka is kind of scrawny. He's definitely a weak guy physically, but he makes up for it in magic. Therefore, don't expect him to lift boulders over his head.

ROMANCE/RELATIONSHIPS: ...If you can sedate Kefka long enough to even ACHIEVE such a feat, then go for it? XD
SEXUAL RELATIONS: ...Eye my previous answer. lmao XD
PHYSICAL CONTACT: Kefka might freak out if anyone touched him, so be careful. You might have to tranq him to even kiss him on the cheek.

ANY TRIGGERS/SECRETS/FACTS YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT: Magic, magic, MAGIC! If you have a character who possesses any magical abilities, Kefka will adore them. He loves magic, and he loves learning magic. Just be careful, Kefka might try to steal their magical abilities for himself.