Kefka Palazzo
07 October 2010 @ 05:30 pm
Player Information:
Name: Anima
Journal: palamecian
Method of Contact: AIM: drunkpoetry or PM
Previous characters: N/A

Character Information:
Full Name: Kefka Palazzo
Series: Final Fantasy VI
Canon point: Post- Final Fantasy VI
Age: Thirty-six
Species: Human
Appearance/PB: Depicted as a slender man with blond hair and green eyes, Kefka usually wears outfits composed of reds and yellows with all sorts of mismatched colorful patterns. His costumes always consist of plenty of elaborate ruffles and decorative beads, along with his signature feathers that he wears within his hair. His face and hands are covered in white make-up, but etched around his eyes are detailed patterns painted in red. Kefka fits the appearance of a court jester, sometimes replacing those reds and yellows with green and gold instead. He wears mismatched shoes, blue leggings, fancy gems, and mismatched gloves.

Appearance upon arrival: Considering Kefka is arriving after his demise in Dissidia, Kefka isn’t going to look much like his charming sadistic self. In fact, he’s going to look like hell rolled over and sat on him, but eventually Kefka will get his usual colorful attire back.

Meat-heads, meat-heads everywhere! )
Kefka Palazzo
05 October 2010 @ 07:14 pm
If you have any concerns regarding my interpretation and roleplaying of Kefka Palazzo of Final Fantasy VI & Dissidia fame, then state them here!

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